An Ubud Sunrise on the Rice Padis
Photo by: ((brian)), Creative Commons

If you want to experience Balinese arts and craft, then, your destination is in Ubud, Indonesia. A lot of tourists are visiting this place because of its creative products. It is the artistic cultural center of Indonesia and has become a popular tourist destination.

Goa Gajah
This is also known as the Elephant Cave. The mouth of the cave looks like a giant demon’s mouth and many statues can be found inside it. It’s a popular hiking trail for many visitors.

Monkey Forest
A lot of monkeys lurk in this forest. Whenever visitors come here with food on hand, the monkeys will come down to grab the food. Deep into the forest, another structure can be found: the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal which is also known as the Temple of Death.

Museum Puri Lukisan
This is the town’s Museum of Fine Arts. Many ancient and modern Balinese arts and crafts are kept in this museum. It is composed of three different buildings with different themes.

Kutuh Kaja Botanic Garden
A lot of exotic plants and flowers are kept in this natural reserve. Many native floras can also be found there.

Tirta Empul
It is a miraculous temple surrounded by hot springs. Many tourists visit this temple because of its alleged healing powers.

Ganung Kawi
It is also known as The Poet Mountain. Locals believe that the ancient King Anak Wungsu was buried there along with his countless wives.

Aside from these destinations, a lot of handicraft shops and restaurants can also be found in town. The woodcarving shops are what most visitors go for, as many unique wood carvings can be purchased there. During peak season, colorful festivals are usually organized in the place and you can freely roam around with the town’s favorable warm climate. The marketplace is also loaded with visitors and they even sometimes outnumber the locals in the area. A lot of great deals in handicrafts can be found there which is good for souvenirs. So whenever you have make your way to Ubud, make sure to get the best deals!

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