Nejameddin Kubra Mausoleum
Photo by: martijn.munneke, Creative Commons

Many people would think twice before visiting a country like Turkmenistan. This is because of the hot climate, attributed to the numerous deserts, and dry, sandy wind. Aside from these facts, there are actually a lot of interesting sites and places to visit in this Central Asian country.

One such city that is worth a visit is Ufra, also known as Mys Dashotakh. The central cities in this country, including Dashotakh, show how wealthy this region can be. The multitudes of great architectural wonders like mosques and buildings that depict cultural and religious aspects. They also have monuments and statues made of marble or even gold. This diverse structures exhibit the wealth of this country in as much as there are natural resources.

One way of enjoying your visit in this region is by avoiding the really hot season. Try going over in the months of April to June and September to Early January. The climate won’t be as hot as when they are in August where it reaches temperatures of up to 50°C.

Other people would consider traveling to the coastal regions and get a feel of the Caspian Sea. There are reasonable beaches with resort and hotels in the area. As well as restaurants and cafés that offer traditional as well as international dishes.

When travelling to any foreign land, always have the local currency handy. In Turkmenistan and Ufra, the currency is in Manat. This used to amount to 500 Rubles but was changed in 2009 when they came out with new Manat.

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