Uluru/Ayers Rock in Northern Territory

Ayers Rock
View of Uluru/Ayers Rock from a helicopter in Australia
Photo by: Corey Leopold, Creative Commons

Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, is a huge rock formation made up of sandstone and is located in the southern part of Northern Territory in central Australia. Uluru is said to be a sacred place for the Aboriginals living in Australia. The rocky formation mountain has many water holes, caves, natural springs and old historic paintings. The site is a part of UNESCO and is listed in the World Heritage Site.

The word Uluru has no meaning. It was in 1873 when the new name was given to Uluru and became known as Ayers Rock. This name was given to the rock as an honor to the Chief Secretary, Sir Henry Ayers. During 1993, a new policy was created in which both the names were made official, making both the Aboriginals and the Australians happy.

The Ayers Rock is said to be the greatest monolith at 9 km in circumference and has a height of 348 m. It is very interesting to know that more than two-thirds of the rock is within the ground. The sun can shift and change the colors of Ayers Rock. The colors range from red to blue, pink, brown and silver during the rain. It can be exciting walking up the rock and all you have to do is just keep following the marked lines.

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    this is pretty sweet, id love to go to Ayers rock one day.

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    I had to do a Geography project on a mountain. I had loads of facts from this website and it has made me want to go there and see the colours change.

    P.S: No one else in my year did this mountain.

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