Oldest fire station in Umea since 1888
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

The capital Vasterbotten County and the largest city of Norrland is quickly becoming more and more popular to tourists around the world. This is not surprising since Umea is known as one of the more popular cultural centers in Europe. It is known as a university town as it is the center of education in Sweden. It is becoming one of the fastest growing cities in all of Sweden.

Umea puts much value in education and the arts. It has numerous annual music and film festivals. Umea Jazz festival is a popular event celebrating contemporary Jazz. If you’re not into that kind of music then you’d be thrilled to know that Umea has a broad selection of musical acts including the highly popular heavy metal band Meshugah. The cultural events in Umea will bring out your love for the arts.

The Umea City Library offers a wide selection of books, music and films both from Umea and from around the world. Bibliophiles will be in awe at the large collection the Umea City Library has to offer.

The Umevatoriet is Umea’s observatory. Learning about the universe becomes a hundred times more enjoyable when you’re in the Umevatoriet. Kids will definitely enjoy their stay here.

Visiting Umea can be fun for the whole family. One of the more unique parks offered by Umea is the Elk house. These magnificent beasts are as big as a cow and as gentle as a rabbit. Normally you cannot approach an Elk in the wild but in the Elk house these beautiful creatures can be approached and even touched. Animal lovers will enjoy being so close to these gentle giants.

Go to Umea and indulge your senses in the arts and sciences. Revel in the modernity of the city and enjoy your stay. Umea is truly one of the most cultured cities in the world.

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