Umm Al Qaiwain

Map of Umm Al Qaiwain, United Arab Emirates
Photo by: wikipedia, Creative Commons

When people plan to visit the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are at the top of their list. But you should also visit the lesser known emirates because they also have a lot to offer to visiting tourists.

Umm Al Qawain is the second smallest emirate in UAE, next to Ajman. In terms of population, it has the least number of people. The people who live here rely on fishing for their livelihood, unlike the modern Dubai and Abu Dhabi which mainly depend on commercial and business establishments. Umm Al Qawain has also been considered a modern state in the past several decades.

• If you want to swim, play water sports, and just basically have fun, you should visit Dreamland Aqua Park. You should try the famous “Twister,” in which you have to ride on a slide with a bowl at the end. While in the bowl, you will spin slowly until you reach the bottom. “Dragons” are not for the faint hearted or for very young children because it is dark and can become very fast.
• You should also go to the Residence of Sheikhs. However, you might be disappointed because you will not see the palace itself but only the park. But it is still worth it because the place is very significant for the people of Umm Al Qawain.
• Just like in all emirates, there is also a mosque in Umm Al Qawain—the Sheikh Zayed Umm Al Qawain Mosque. You will not be able to enter the mosque if you are not a Muslim but the view alone will take your breath away.

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