United Nations Headquarters

United Nations 400
UN Headquarters from the East River
Photo by: Muhammad, Creative Commons

The United Nations Headquarters is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in the city of New York. Located on the East Side of New York, this glass-fronted building dominates the skyline of New York opened in 1951 and continues up to today to be one of the most popular destinations of tourists and residents alike in the city.

United Nations Headquarters is open to the public from Mondays through Fridays with guided tours at designated hours only. A schedule of days when the United Nations Headquarters is closed is available in their official website. So if you plan to visit the UN Headquarters, check the website first and plan your visit accordingly. There will be days when the Headquarters is suddenly closed to the public on very short notice because of emergency sessions.

Tickets for the tours sell very fast so it is suggested that you purchase your tickets early in the morning from the United Nations office itself as tickets are not available online. A complimentary ticket is given for every twenty tickets purchased.

The guided tours that last around 45 minutes start with a brief summary of what the UN is about, its history, mission and vision, as well as something about the Headquarters itself. During the tour, you will be able to witness for yourself the Articles of the Declaration of Independence, visit the General Assembly Hall which is the largest meeting room in the United Nations Headquarters. The guided tour will also take you to an exhibit of the different artifacts of disarmament.

Visiting the United Nations Headquarters is an enriching experience that a tourist should not miss doing when in New York.

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