Lighthouse in Ushuaia, Argentina

Photo by: jJesus Presley, Creative Commons

If you are planning to explore Antarctica, then Ushuaia, Argentina is the perfect place to stay in, and you will get to do more things and visit more places while vacationing in the country. This progressive city is the largest among the cities found in the Tierra Del Fuego province of Argentina. And due to its location, which is on the Beagle Strait, it is also considered as the world’s southernmost city.

Ushuaia, Argentina is a bustling town that has easily become a major tourist destination in the country with its wide array of casinos, hotels and nice restaurants. And of course, it is a top choice for a hiking base, starting point of a cruise to Antarctica and a favorite venue to hold winter sports.

But aside from the various activities that you may do here, the city of Ushuaia is also most visited by tourists because it is home to various places of artistic value and history, such as museums. One of these is the Museo Maritimo, Yagones y Gobernador Paz. This museum showcases the rich history of Tierra del Fuego and is situated in an old prison.

The Presidio displays the history of the military prison of Ushuaia and is on the same site as the Museo Maritimo. One room in the Presidio exhibits some of the masterpieces of talented local artists. Museo del Fin del Mundo, on the other hand, is where the largest exhibit of Tierra del Fuego bird collections can be found. This museum in Ushuaia, Argentina is dedicated to the nature of Tierra del Fuego. A figurehead of the Duchess of Albany is also on display at this museum.

For more of Argentina’s history, tourists may also visit Mastil de General Belgrano, which was built in honor of one of the founders of the country and of the navy cruiser sunk by the UK forces during the Falklands War, which was also named after him. An interesting fact about this particular site is that it has been one of the stops during one of the seasons of the top-rated reality television show, The Amazing Race.

Ushuaia, Argentina is also where the Tierra del Fuego National Park is located. Here you may engage in several exciting activities, such as trekking and you can be sure that the trails are well-marked and very safe to navigate. You may look for and join clubs that organize treks for your convenience and total enjoyment.

Surely Ushuaia, Argentina is one place that you must see when you go on a trip to the country. You will not be disappointed with the many things that you can do and place that you may visit in this busy city.

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