USS Midway Museum

USS Midway Museum Deck
Photo by: http2007, Creative Commons

The museums of the world contain special artifacts and unique items from the past, and are grounded on land in order to make sure that all the precious items are secure and stable. While it is true that there is a museum that can take you out to water, and sounds more interesting than the usual grand museum located in the metropolis or in a park, what if there exists a museum that takes you to the skies, as well as the sea? Now this definitely sounds more interesting. Go and visit San Diego’s USS Midway Museum.

The USS Midway is a navy aircraft carrier that has half a decade of history under its wings. Visitors of the museum will be brought to the different areas of the vessel, such as the rooms of the officers, the room where the vessel’s engine is, the galley, and machine shops. The vessel even has a post office because it is disconnected from land and is not readily accessible. The docents around the museums are very engaging and friendly. They will be able to provide more stories and entertaining trivia about the museum that is not documented anywhere in the location. What they share to the visitors are their own experiences, which make the visit to the USS Midway Museum so authentic and touching.

Activities are available for enjoyment at the Museum, where there are actual flight simulators designed to make the visitors experience the skies and how it is to be a real pilot. Aside from that, educational videos and other exhibits encourage interaction to provide a higher level of enjoyment and learning to everyone who visits. Prepare to spend about four hours of enjoyment when going to the USS Midway Museum!

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