Walking downtown Utrecht
Photo by: zoetnet, Creative Commons

When you first look at the city of Utrecht, you may get the impression that it is not any different from any other European city. But as you take a closer look, you will realize that it has its own charm and character that sets it apart from other modern cities in the Netherlands. Though you may get that feeling that the city has a long history behind it, it has in a sense aged gracefully as you will see that it does not only offer its visitors a glimpse back into the past, but a look into the future as well.

If you really want to take in all the sights that Utrecht has to offer you, then you should see the view from the Domtoren. This 112 meter tall giant is said to be the highest church tower in all of the Netherlands. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing as the climb to the top can prove to be a workout. But once you get to the top, you’ll quickly realize that it’s all worth it as you can also catch a glimpse of Amsterdam and Rotterdam on good days.

After a long climb up the tower, you can take a few minutes break to catch your breath at the Cloister garden. Come on a Saturday morning and you may just get to watch a carillon concert that will simply take your breath away. Take a canal cruise on the Oudegracht and sample the different food and drink that the best bars and restaurant in this area can give you. It’s a real treat for all the foodies out there.

For art buffs out there, make sure to include the Centraal museum to see an extensive collection of Rietvald design. But if you’re taste is more towards the traditional or exotic, depending on your views towards aboriginal art, then the Aboriginal Art Museum definitely be on your must visit list.

So there you have it. Take a trip to Utrecht in the Netherlands if you want to discover sights and sounds that no other Dutch city has.

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