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Uummannaq is located on an isle at the bottom of a mountain in the shape of a heart, which gave the name of the municipality. The literal meaning of Uummannaq is “the heart shaped”. Hospitality and great compassion characterize the local residents, who live 375 miles (600 kilometers) north of Arctic Circle. You can experience the midnight sun from the middle of the month of May until mid-August in Uummannaq. This denotes several hours for daylight throughout the summer season in which to witness the unique culture and landscape in one of the most northerly and probably most attractive towns in Greenland.

For instance, you can see a lot of huge icebergs that derived from one of the 7 glaciers close to Uummannaq or maybe walk around the local museum of Uummannaq and stop by at Santa’s workshop. Dogsled trips are also offered in the winter season, while there are a lot of chances to take a trip to a settlement via helicopter or boat, or even go on whale safaris where the emphasis is on the fin whales in the remaining ice-barren times.

At Uummannaq town, there are lots of prehistoric ruins and finds that show substantial proof that the sealers and hunters have existed in the vicinity for thousands of years. In Oilakitsoq, which is the early winter settlement, one of the most impressive archaeological find in Greenland was discovered in the year 1972. A set of specially well-protected mummies was discovered. These mummies were then dated to about 1475 and are currently on exhibit at the National Museum of Greenland.

The sea maintains to make up the root of existence for the 1300 residents of Uummannaq and for the seven settlement of the town, which are abode to a comparable number of residents. Now, fishing for halibut in England has dominated as the major industry. You can arrive at the town of Uummannaq by flights that are offered many times in a week through Ilulissat to Oaarsut from Kangerlussuaq. From there, a trip for ten minutes is offered via helicopter to the town of Uummannaq. There are also cruise ships that call at Uummannaq at a regular basis.

Uummannaq is a regular North Greenlandic municipality with all that which involves: Winter seasons with ice-coated fjords and impressive views as distant as the eye can perceive; summer seasons with drifting icebergs and midnight sun. The area provides activities for the whole year round.

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