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Uzhgorod is a large city located at the border of Slovakia and Western Ukraine. Its history tells that the city has changed its name several times. But it finally settled with its present name, which is actually from the Uzh River that divides it into two parts. Uzhgorod is also home to multiethnic people. It has around one hundred and twenty-five thousand inhabitants. Most of these are pure Ukrainians while others are Russian immigrants, Hungarians, Germans, Slovaks, Gypsies, and Jews. Such mixed cultures make the city a more attractive place for tourists and vacationers.

To get to the city, one has to take the plane, the train, the bus, or his car. And when he arrives, he could check into one of the city’s finest hotels. Hotel Ungvarskiy and the International Youth Wellness Hotel Ungvarskiy are two of Uzhgorod’s popular accommodations. Tourists may like to see the Uzhgorod Castle. This famous tourist attraction was built in the ninth century and is the oldest military art monument, as well as, the oldest architecture. St. Nicolas Church may also interest the tourists. It is one of the city’s finest churches. The Greek-Catholic Cathedral and St. Michael Church are other beautiful churches too.

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Tradition is, in fact, the smallest in Uzhgorod; and tourists may visit it, as well. It has twenty-four structures that represent the traditions of Transcarpathian folk building. Then, they may also visit restaurants and bars to try out their specialties. A lot of foods are reasonably priced. In fact, most of them are actually very cheap yet good-tasting. Uzhgorod also produces good wine aside from good food. And a native beer called Obolon is frequently served in restaurants. Plenty of extraordinary dining places are found in
Uzhgorod, as well. An example is the Karpat Art, which is a restaurant with magnificent paintings all around. Then, Restaurant Budapest has a wonderful atmosphere and cool music. And a restaurant called Katus has an interior that looks like an old country house. The Dezja i Notari, on the other hand, is a museum-like restaurant. However, simpler places such as the Pizzeria Resta and the Kashtan Terrasse are also available.

And as for the sports enthusiast, Uzhgorod has a very good soccer stadium. The city is also near Carpathian, which is the major ski location of Ukraine. So, tourists and locals could go to Sczerbyn, a popular ski resort.

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