City view from Vaduz Castle
Photo by: vauvau, Creative Commons

The capital of Liechtenstein, Vaduz, is a small town that lies along the river Rhine. The town of Vaduz, despite its small size, is well known all over the world. Tourists flock the town of Vaduz for various reasons. One of which is because of the town’s rich historical landmarks.

The Vaduz castle is definitely the town’s pride. It is a castle that is located on top of an elevated land form that overlooks the sky. As of the moment, the castle serves as the home of the prince of Liechtenstein together with his family. Tourists can easily get a view of the castle from any point of the city because it is strategically positioned at the center.

Aside from the Vaduz castle, people also visit the Cathedral of St.Florin. Built in 1873, the cathedral used to be a parish church back in 1997. The cathedral serves as the center for Roman Catholic Archdiocese. It showcases the neo-gothic architecture that Vaduz is popular for. But of course, no Vaduz tour would be complete without visiting the Government House and City Hall. Both structures serve as the office of the national parliament. Also, these two structures are visited by many tourists because of its unique architecture and style.

The climate in Vaduz is quite cold. The average temperature ranges from -3.5 degrees Celsius to 22.3 degrees Celsius. The temperature is coldest during January while hottest during the month of August. Having a total land area of 17.3 square kilometers, the sights and landmarks in the city can all be visited within a day.

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