A view from afar of Vaitape
Photo by: jimg944, Creative Commons

The island of Bora Bora in the South Pacific could indeed be the most popular island in the whole world. With its clear waters, white sand coasts, and great tourist attractions, it is no wonder why the island has become so famous among a lot of travelers already. If you know about this island, you cannot miss Vaitape, which is the usual tourist hub of the whole island.

Aside from being the gateway to Bora Bora, Vaitape has a lot of great things to give tourists like you. One such great attraction in Vaitape is the Hotel Bora Bora. This hotel has gained its popularity because of its overwater occupancy such as great bungalows and rooms. Tourists can enjoy a great experience here as these bungalows can give total privacy and a good view of the sunset. Even the meals here are served via a delivery boat to each room.

Aside from this famous hotel of Vaitape, the place also features various retail shops perfect for your getaway shopping spree. You can visit Boutique Bora Bora and Boutique Gaugin. The first store offers a good selection of T-shirts, books, woodcarvings, and black pearls. The latter, on the other hand, is a souvenir shop where you can find seashells, tapa cloth, pareus, and batiks. Moreover, there is the Sibani Perles where you can shop for the black pearl collections of the famous designer Didier Sibani. There is also the Artisanal de Bora Bora where you can find a huge display of traditional objects, as well as souvenirs.

More than these treats, Vaitape is also a home for Topdive Bora Bora. This is a dive center company that gives total convenience to all sizes of dive groups. The Vaitape site is equipped with two 30-feet boats and one 45-feet boat. With Topdive, you can always find a great experience in any of the diving sites not only around the island of Bora Bora but as well as sites from other islands. Much more, the company can pick up customers from any hotels in the island.

Truly, your Bora Bora getaway will not be such a perfect escapade without the taste of Vaitape. The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are just two of the scenes you must not miss here. Add to this the adventures of diving and the fun of shopping; Vaitape is definitely a great tourist hub for a great Bora Bora getaway.

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