Fruit stall at central market in the centre of Valencia
Photo by: heatheronhertravels, Creative Commons

Paella (pa-e-ya) is a delicious rice dish that is prepared with a variety of seafood and meat. It is world-renowned, and the recipe has been passed from one generation to the next. Where can you find the best tasting paella. Go to the place where it all started, the city of Valencia in Spain. It has been said that experiencing Valencia is giving yourself a gastronomic experience you won’t forget.

Apart from food, the city of Valencia is known for its colorful and exciting festivities. Each August, they hold the La Tomatina. This festival is better known as the tomato fight festival. People from all over the city enjoy and participate in this event, young and old. Another festival held each March is the Las Fallas. This festival is popular around the globe as this is where every traditional thing about Valencia comes out. It is shared with everyone who enjoy celebrations. You will find traditional ceramics, intricately made traditional dresses worn by the citizens and of course, the food that highlights it all. If you enjoy the nightlife, Valencia offers a variety of places to go to.

Museums are everywhere in Valencia. Museums are full of unique collections and era-specific exhibits. The Museu d’Historia de Valencia archives the history of the city. This is where you will find all you need to know about Valencia. To go back in time, you can visit the Museu de Prehistoria de Valencia – the Valencian Museum of Prehistory. Other interesting sites to visit would be the Museu Faller or the Falles Museum and the Museu Tauri de Valencia or the Bullfighting Museum.

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