Surrounded by mountains, the quiet town of Valencia
Photo by: J-612, Creative Commons

Valencia is the capital of Carabobo, Venezuela third largest city. Valencia is one of the most popular cities in this South American country. This city takes pride in its many mountains that are excellent for hiking. Those who want to have some adventure in a foreign country will absolutely have a great time exploring the mountains and going around South American forests. Other than hiking, there are more nature activities that can be done. Mountain biking can provide an equally exhilarating experience as hiking and this will also give nature lovers a chance to go up the mountains in a much faster pace.

Because of the temperature in the place, camping is also possible. Not only just members of the youth can enjoy this activity for everyone who is able to endure staying out in the forests of Venezuela could go camping.

Valencia also has some of the best shopping malls in the country. Sambil shopping mall is one of them and this is the favorite for both tourists and locals. This is a great place for international tourists to shop since they will have a taste of what Venezuelan fashion is like and will get the opportunity to mix and match the items they already have with the unique items they would get from Sambil.

There are reputable café and restaurants in La Viña Neighborhood with cuisines that could be enjoyed by both the young and the old. After a long hike in the mountains, it would be great for the family to spend time here.

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