Train Station in Valga
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Are you planning to visit Estonia anytime soon? Sure you would love to visit its capital city of Tallin or go to the spas in Haapsalu. You might also have heard of the famous ski places and the winter capital of Estonia known as the town of Otepaa. And since you already have heard great things about these places, you could enjoy a visit to Valga, Estonia – a town with a rich past and cultural background.

Valga is conveniently located close to junctions and railways. It is also within the borders of Latvia and the country of Estonia. It is located south of the country and is very rich with both Latvian and Estonian cultural background.

The place of Valga is a growing and slowly developing county. It is a small town with many things to offer to its tourist. You can definitely enjoy a peaceful walk around its streets without fear of disturbance. You can walk around and enjoy the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood. You can also visit some of their prominent sights like Central library and their Museum. Because the place is small, you can easily go to the Valga Stadium and the Valga Hospital or visit their schools. You can also enjoy going to the Culture and Hobby Center.

A day trip to Valga wouldn’t be a problem since there is a railway and station nearby the town. You can also stay at the Jaanikese Motel that serves great breakfast food if you feel tired from your journey.

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