Valle Grande

A cathedral and main square in Valle Grande, Bolivia.

Photo by: Owner , Creative Commons

Valle Grande is a small town situated in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It literally means Big Valley. It is the capital of Valle Grande Municipality and Province. It is a small town, which is known as the burial site of Che Guevara, a revolutionary in 1967.

Agriculture is the primary industry in Valle Grande. The town is primarily dedicated to producing grains including wheat and corn. It is also known for producing fruits including grapes, peaches, plums, cherimoyas, apples, and pears. Some other products found in Valle Grande include chamas, wine, fruit liquor, homemade bread, and handmade rugs, among others.

If you are interested in significant historical and archaeological attractions, you can find Rupestrian paintings in Valle Grande. More so, the town is known as a significant place of combat, action, capture, and assassination of Ernest Che Guevara, a Socialist Argentinean-Cuban Commandant. In fact, the most famous place in Valle Grande where no tourist should miss is the tomb of Che Guevara, which was exposed to the international public. The tomb includes the remains of the commandant along with the remains of his companions.

If you visit Valle Grande at the right time, you can participate in its folkloric traditions, which are popular in the community. One of the most prominent folkloric traditions is the El Carnval Valle Grandino.

Consequently, you can reach Valle Grande by land or air. You can take a spur road leading to Santa Cruz to the highway or Cochabamba. You can also make use of the town’s airstrip.

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