Valletta Harbor
Photo by: John Vavuz Can, Creative Commons

Valletta is the capital city of Malta. It is a fortified town and is considered as having one of the strongest fortifications in the world. It is a living piece of history with a wide collection of historical buildings.

Valletta is considered as a world heritage site and is known widely for Baroque architectural structures in the area.


Here are some of the local restaurants you can visit in Valletta:

Gianini Restaurant. It gives a perfect view of the city and the sea and excellent Italian and Mediterranean dishes in a contemporary setup.

Rubino Restaurant. A traditional Maltese restaurant that serves modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Hibiki Restaurant. This restaurant serves great Japanese cuisine with a great view of the garden.

Ambrosia. A cozy restaurant in Valletta that serves excellent Maltese food.


One of the best things to do in Valletta is to shop. It is the main shopping district of Malta. Visiting the many different attractions of Valletta is also recommended.


There are many attractions in Valletta that you need to see that have relates to its history and culture. Among these attractions are:

City Gate. It is the main entrance to the city walls of Valletta.

National Museum of Archaeology. It has a wide collection of historical artifacts and has replicas of temple sites that you can visit.

St. John’s Co-Cathedral. One of the examples of baroque architecture in Valletta. It is built by the Knights of Malta and has a very impressive interior which is a common trait of most Maltese churches.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. A beautiful domed church that has a stunning interior and is often thought of as a cathedral.

Fort St. Elmo. The location of some of the most intense battles in Valletta.

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