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Vanuatu is an archipelago situated in the South Pacific Ocean. The island-nation was formed from a volcano. Its early settlers were the Melanesians. It was later discovered by the Europeans, who began settling in the islands by the 18th century. Throughout the 1800s, parts of the archipelago were claimed by France and England, but its citizens eventually claimed and declared independence in 1980.

Vanuatu may be a newly formed republic, but its charm has long made the rounds in the Western and European countries. There are a host of activities to do in Vanuatu, from exploring the seas to bonding with nature and playing extreme sports. But the most fascinating adventure that you can have at Vanuatu is immersing yourself in local culture through a trip to the far-flung island villages. This way, you can have a taste of Vanuatu’s culture and people first-hand.

Should you decide to take this “road less travelled,” you can find accommodations in any of the village bungalows built by the local themselves. They are nothing like your typical hotel, inn or pension house. You should be ready to forego some of the comforts of your home, but be prepared for the thrill of a memorable adventure. Or, you can also try camping out in a tent to see how it’s like to live in the outdoors.

You can also time your arrival in Vanuatu with any of its colorful and unique cultural festivals. The Pentecost Land Dive, for example, which happens on all Saturdays of April to June, is a nationwide celebration of yam harvest time as well as an age-old male fertility rite. The inspiration behind bungee jumping, the rite has local makes constructing a tower from which they would jump off, after tying their feet with vines. There are a lot of events going on the whole year round. Check the Internet for information on the dates to help you plan your trip better.

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