Varadero, Cuba
Photo by: ajawin, Creative Commons

Varadero, Cuba is the perfect spot for beach lovers. With more than 20 kilometers of fine white sand beach, there is always a place for everyone. Because of the breathtaking beaches in this area, it has been called Playa Azul- which means blue beach in the Spanish.

Varadero is located in Matanzas- a province in Cuba. It is one of the largest resort-towns in the whole Caribbean. Geographically, it is part of the Hicacos Peninsula. As an extension of the mainland, it is only about 1.2 kilometers wide. But true enough, this small strip of island is far from being “small” in terms of the number of tourists who visit the area.

Every year, the island welcomes more than 500,000 visitors. Tourists mainly enjoy water activities such as scuba diving, yachting, fishing, water sports and snorkeling. But aside from its excellent beaches, it is also known for its natural caves and historical sites. The Cave of Ambrosio which measures 250m is a must see for adventure lovers. On the other hand, nature lovers should take a look at the wildlife of Lake Mangon. The ruins of La Calavera are also on the list of sites to visit.

In terms of demography, the island is occupied by only 20,000 people. Tourists can enjoy absolute relaxation and privacy because it is not crowded like most world class beaches. Although, it is a small town, the city is quite developed but not to the extent of having commercial infrastructure that would destroy the natural beauty of the island

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