View of Verona
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Verona, Italy lies in the northeastern part of the country’s Veneto region and was made famous by the Shakespearean masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet, which has this beautiful city as its setting. It is situated near Venice but draws fewer tourists, making it a more quiet and peaceful place to spend your vacation at.

The closest airport to Verona would be the Catullo Airport, which is only 12 kilometers from the city. However, there are buses that may take you directly to Verona from the other nearby airports for your convenience. If you are coming from Milan, Venice, Treviso, Bologna or Munich, you may take the train, which has regular trips to the city. To get around Verona, you may ride in the taxis or rent a car for the duration for your stay.

A former Roman city, Verona, Italy is home to ruins of Roman architecture, some of which have been well preserved for the younger generation to view and admire.

The Arena, a magnificent Roman amphitheater, is an ancient Roman structure that is not only well preserved, but is also still functioning to this day. Built in the 1st century AD, this elliptical-shaped structure is the third largest amphitheater in the world to survive from antiquity. Its outer part has been damaged by earthquakes but the inside where operas are held is still in great shape.

For more Italian art in Verona, visit the City Art Museum located inside the Castelvecchio, a 14th century castle located on the Aldige river banks. This museum houses an extensive collection of beautiful Renaissance paintings and well-crafted medieval sculptures. A nice tour of the castle will also be enjoyed by visitors, especially those who come with their children.

A tour of Verona, Italy will not be complete without a visit to Juliet’s House or Casa di Giulietta. Although this house has absolutely nothing to do with Shakespeare’s play, it has become famous among tourists, especially to teenagers who enjoy taking their photos at the balcony, which was only added in 1936 and where the popular scene from Romeo and Juliet supposedly took place. Aside from the famed balcony, Juliet’s House is also home to a small collection of Renaissance frescoes.

Another must-see in Verona, Italy is the Lamberti Tower. Known as the tallest tower in Verona, this clock tower was completed in 1463 and gives you a breathtaking view of the city. You may choose to take all 238 steps to the top or the much easier way of taking the lift.

Verona is definitely a destination worth visiting when you are in Italy. So don’t forget to secure a tour of this city when you plan your vacation.

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