Vianden Village & Castle
Photo by: Jukka1, Creative Commons

The town of Vianden in Luxembourg is a land of picturesque sights. The many building, scenery and art works located in the town are not only extremely majestic but also of great historical importance. Its rich history has been preserved in the most splendid fortresses and castles that now serve as the town’s top tourist attractions. Scattered over the cities, these landmarks is a reminder of the people’s misfortunes and sufferings and also their triumph when they finally achieved freedom.

The feudal manor located in the town was seat of the Counts of Vianden back in the ninth century. It is a fine building with an unrivaled architecture anywhere else in Europe. It has been restored and is now open for tourism.

The town also has a parish church with Gothic architecture built around 1248 and is the most significant building for Christians. It has been recently renovated to restore the structure’s beauty and to house the lapidary museum.

Another mansion was recently transformed into a rural art museum. The mansion dates back to the 18th century and houses ancient objects. It also has a collection of more than 500 dolls in the toy section of the museum.

Famous artists also lived in Vianden. Victor Hugo lived in the town during his exile. His house became a museum of his own collections of various magnificent objects he got from all over Luxembourg.

Visitors and tourist alike will find well-maintained sign posts very helpful in finding their destination. A network of foot paths all throughout the town makes it possible to roam the town on foot.

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