Viborg – A Castle amidst the town
Photo by: Stig Nygaard, Creative Commons

Viborg is another one of the oldest towns in Denmark that situates in the heart of the country. In central Jutland, it stands attractively between two lakes and is surrounded by vast forests and a massive heartland. For those who want to get out of the actual city life that is too urbane and fast, Viborg is perfect for it has many fishing and golf opportunities as well as wondrous sites for walking and other forms of excursions. Viborg was originally called Wibjerg, meaning “sacred hill.”

Just like other cities in Denmark, Viborg is also home to many historic churches and significant artwork. Two of the top tourist destinations are the Asmild church and the church of the Southern Parish. Hald Hovedgard is the most popular historical museum of the city. The Hvolris on the other hand is also an archaeological site that displays pre-historic exhibits. Another historical museum is the Regional museum.

Other than pre-historic exhibits, it has statues, sculptures and a fountain. And surprisingly it has a market and shopping area too. If you want a new experience Monsted is the place to go. It exudes industrial attractions, a factory museum, mining and geological attractions, as well as tunnels and scenic small town villages.

Viborg is a growing tourist destination and what makes a Viborg tour special is the possible absence of a tourist bus. That’s right; a walking tour is highly encouraged as almost every area within the city is something to take note of. A do-it-yourself tour is the best way to enjoy Viborg.

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