Victoria Falls Weather

If you seek to enjoy a wonderful getaway from the long winter months of the Northern hemisphere, then you will love a visit to Victoria Falls. The hot summer season goes from September through April, followed by a mild winter season from May to August.

You can enjoy a good eight hours of sunshine on average, which is well enough for you to experience the exceptional beauty of this gorgeous falls in the heart of Zimbabwe, Africa.

Just the Right Weather

The average winter (May through Mid August) high temperature ranges between 77-81°F (25- 27 °C), with the lows being about 45-50 °F (7-10 °C) which is not bad for winter.

The summer weather (mid August to end of April) is generally hot, sometimes getting very hot and wet when the rain season comes in mid November through April. Temperatures range from 90-93 °F (32-34 °C) high, and with the lows between 59-66 °F (15-19 °C).

From September through to November, the weather is usually very hot and dry and the landscape turns brown. However, this is the best season for game viewing due to reduced vegetation, with the animals congregating along the Zambezi river for water.

Make sure to bring a hat, eyeglasses and sun screen cream to avoid those irritating sun burns.

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