St Demetrius Cathedral in Vidin, Bulgaria
Photo by: klearchos , Creative Commons

Located on the bank of Danube River, Vidin is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria, as it was built more than 2,000 years ago.

Vidin may not be among the wealthiest towns in Bulgaria, but it is rich in natural beauty that attracts many tourists. This Bulgarian town boasts of a city park lined with trees, running from the cruise ship harbor to the medieval fortress Baba Vida along the Danube River. Constructed between the 10th and 13th centuries, Baba Vida is one of the few remaining fortresses in Bulgaria and is a landmark you shouldn’t miss when you set foot on the town of Vidin.

Tourists can do a lot of things in this small town. Do you love the relaxing feel of the water? You can take a cruise along the Danube or visit the popular rock formations in Belogradchik. Sight seeing also proves to be a fun activity in Vidin, as you can tour around the ancient buildings along the Danube that show an interesting mix of Bulgarian, Roman, and Turk architecture.

Vidin is where one of the most elegant and most organized Bulgarian museums is located. The Town Historical Museum consists of two buildings, one of which (Krustatata Kazarma ) is an original architectural monument built during the late 18th century.

Another attraction worth visiting is the St. Pantaleimon Church, the most prized building in Bulgaria that reflects the country’s art and architecture. Vidin is quite accessible to tourists. To get to Vidin, you may either take a bus from Sofia or take the railway to the Mezdra station.

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