Patuxay monument
Photo by: brogge1, Creative Commons

Vientiane, Laos, a fair-weathered destination has various tourist spots that will make you come back for more. Aside for being the country’s capital, it is also the largest city with a population of 200,000. Because of its unique setting, the 25th Southeast Asian Games was seized here in lieu of its golden anniversary.

Buddha Park – The artistic paradise of Laos’ culture and belief, includes Hindu lore and Buddha’s cement statues that are carefully bounded with flowers and vegetation. Within the area, you will find a ten-foot demon head where you can enter its mouth and navigate yourself by climbing the staircase.

Wat Sok Pa Luang – The Buddhist temple that offers not more than $5 of relaxing massage is a must-see and must-try for tourists.

Talat Sao – The morning market at the east, is now a four-storey high building. You can shop for CDs here, eat a wide variety of Laos’ delicacy, purchase souvenirs and take pictures from diverged tourists.

Ha Phra Kaew – Enjoy shopping at a museum in this temple. While looking around, you can also see the bronze statues of Buddha and monks in real life.

Lao Museum – The two-storey building has artifacts which illustrate their valor in protecting their country with a small souvenir shop for buying their goods.

Patuxay Monument – The only one of its kind, is situated at the heart of this town. It is well respected and considered as a historical gateway and reminder in defending their country.

More sites are coming your way when you decide to stay here. You don’t even have to worry about accommodation because hostels and upper-class hotels are available in this city. Now, you have a complete guide on your tour to Vientiane, Laos.

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