Villa d’Este

Villa d'Este 400
A relaxed view of Villa d’Este
Photo by: Joe Shlabotnik, Creative Commons

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that can be magical and luxurious at the same time, then come to Villa d’Este and have a taste of what renaissance living is all about. Located in Lazio, it is just a mere 35 kilometer drive from Rome and just a stone throw away from Tivoli. Come to satiate your curiosity and experience how the aristocrats used to rest their weary heads, but stay for the greenery and the lush surroundings that will definitely revitalize your mind and body.

There is so much beauty to see in the gardens of Villa d’Este that will definitely leave you breathless and looking for more. Explore the magnificent landscape of the different plants and fountains that adorn the wide garden. There are about more than five hundred fountains and statues that will satisfy your artsy inclinations and may even teach you a thing or two on how the Romans defined the word beauty through their art form.

If you’re staying in Rome, you can arrange for a day trip to Villa d’Este via your booking agent or the villa’s touring office. You can either rent your own car or take the Roma – Pescara Train line from the Tiburtina Station all the way to the Tivoli Station. Once you’re in Tivoli, it’s easy to get on a bus to Villa d’Este. You can also take the Blue Cotral bus from Rome straight to Tivoli for an hour bus ride and don’t forget to take a few pictures of the sights along the way.

You will realize that the trip to Villa d’Este is definitely worth to take once you get a glimpse of the world renowned Fountain of the Hydraulic Organ or the Fontana dell’Organo Idraulico. Its dazzling waterworks and intricate carvings make it truly an artwork of beauty and ingenuity to behold.

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