Vilnius City, Capital of Lithuania

Autumn in Vilnius 400
Autumn in Vilnius
Photo by: Arti Om, Creative Commons

Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, is located in Northern Europe, and is one of the world’s largest medieval towns. The town covers an area of about 3.59 square kilometers and it features 74 quarters and 70 streets with 1487 buildings.

The Old Town features a number of museums, churches and architectural monuments. The buildings here are a fine example of the neoclassical, gothic, baroque and renaissance style. The main street in the Vilnius is Pilies Street and it is also known as ‘Hub of Cafe’ and the street life is one of the major attractions here.

Vilnius Old Town is famous for the monuments and it was also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The famous monuments in the Vilnius Old Town are

Presidential Palace
The Presidential Palace was built in the 14th century and a number of structures were added up to the 18th century. The palace has been converted to a presidential palace from the year 1997.

Slushko Palace
The Slushko Palace was built in between 1690-1700 and it is located close to the Neris River. The palace was built by Dominik Sloszko and it features a large ornamented works. In the present days the palace features the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and it is also one of the major attractions in the Vilnius Old Town.

St. Anne’s Church
It is a Roman Catholic Church located on the banks of Vilnia River and it is a fine example of Brick Gothic and Flamboyant Gothic styles.

Vilnius Cathedral
The Vilnius Cathedral is located in the middle of the Vilnius Old Town. It features a number of tombs and several paintings belonging to the 16th-19th centuries.

All Saints Church
This church was built in between the years 1620-1630. It features a massive bell tower and a dome roof was added to the church in the 18th century. In addition the church also features a small museum.

Lithuanian National Drama Theatre
This theatre was established in the year 1940 and over 200 performances were held here.

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