Vina del Mar

A view of the beautiful coastline of Vina del Mar, Chile.

Photo by: soschilds , Creative Commons

Are you planning to visit Vina del Mar? If you are, then here is a simple travel guide that may definitely come in handy.

How to Get There:

To get to Vina del Mar, you can either take the bus or train. Via bus, the trip may take roughly 90 minutes. And if you want to make sure that you get to your destination, you have to go to either Pajarito or Unibersidad de Santiago Stations to catch the Pullman Bus or the Turbus.

However, if you really are excited to see the place, taking a train may end up to be a better option for you. You can ride Merval – a train company that will be able to take you right in the heart of Vina del Mar in no time.

The Weather:

Weather in Vina del Mar or in Chile in general is pleasant. Here, you get to have a nice summer season from December to February and a mild spring season from September to November. Autumn and winter on the other hand starts by March to May and June to August respectively.

The Top 5 Sights to See:

1. Castle Hill – This is a stunning hill that is overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Valparaiso. On the hill, you can find many beautiful houses and a palace that became a home for many affluent people in Chile. Note though that you cannot have a taxi bring you up there. So if you want to see the view from on top of the hill, you have to prepare yourself to do some serious walking.

2. Fonck Museum – Here you can get a preview of what Easter Island is all about. This is because in front of the museum itself, you get to be welcomed by an authentic moai.

3. Quinta Vergara – This is known to be the residence of the founding family of the city. It is quite famous for the locals because it is one of the places to have impeccable landscape. But apart from the well kept trees and flowers, the residence also has a gallery of paintings that is reflective of this era.

4. Sea Lions – Yes, you can also find them in the beaches of Vina del Mar, especially during autumn and summer. If you want to catch sight of them, you can see them just past Cochoa Beach.

5. Renaca – This is probably the most happening beach in town. Once you get there, during summer you can expect to see a lot of people just laying on the sand – trying to get some sun. Note however, that even if the sun seems to be tempting enough to make you lose your top, don’t because it is against the law there.

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