View of Vinh city from Quyet
Photo by: Nhcuong81, Creative Commons

Vinh is a city located in the northern part of Vietnam. It is considered as the most important city in Northern Central Vietnam as it is a primary key in transporting between the northern and southern Vietnam. The city also keeps a port where various products from the sea and the neighboring country are received and distributed to other parts of Vietnam. Although Vinh City is a busy commercial center, it is also home to great tourist destinations which are as follows:

• Quyet Mountain
It houses the beautiful Lam Garden where native floras and faunas can be found. Other than the garden, the mountain is also surrounded with a rich forest of pine trees and other faunas that can be found on the way to the top. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Nghe Region as well as the hills and rivers down the slope.

• Hong Son Temple
The temple was built around Nguyen Dynasty, influencing its overall architectural style. Until now, ceremonies are still conducted in the temple three times a year; this is during the third and tenth day of third lunar month and on the twentieth day of August lunar month.

• Cua Lo Beach
This is a peaceful beach that is rewarding to visit with its fine white sand and clear turquoise water. There are lots of hotels, vacation houses and restaurants in the place so you have a lot of choices to select from.

Don’t forget to tour around these places when visiting Vinh City. While exploring the area, you may find unusual products which are good souvenir items. The restaurants offer traditional Vietnamese cuisine that is a delicious treat after a tiring day of tour!

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