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Slovakia is a small nation in Central Europe and is a member of the European Union. It has the fastest growing economy in comparison to other members of the European Union. Vlkolinec makes for an exciting attraction for people who want to experience what there to see in Slovakia.

Vlkolínec is a village in the town of Ružomberok. This village has well preserved houses and buildings that clearly depict the kind of architecture and design that people in this place utilized during old times. It also features the great culture of Slovaks in the old days. That is why this place is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

UNESCO World Heritage sites are places that are preserved and maintained by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Vlkolínec is a place that outstandingly exemplifies a place that illustrates a significant stage in Slovakian history as well as a good illustration of the kind of culture that people in those days enjoyed.

The village is very much intact and well preserved considering the length of time it has been around. It is located in the middle of Slovakia and has more than 45 traditional log houses. Each house contains two to three rooms each. One can also see an 18th century wooden belfry and a baroque chapel in the village that has been very well preserved.

Two houses, specifically houses number 16 and 17, have been transformed into a folk museum. The museum depicts the way life took place in that village. Instruments used by folks who used to live in the village are displayed in the museum.

If you’re a history buff and into exploring cultures of other countries, then going to the village of Vlkolínec is a definite place to visit.

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