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Stunning mountain ranges, museums, historic ruins and a world-class shopping. All of these make up the regal city of Volda, Norway. Once you are here, you will think of going back twice. There are lots of splendid sights and fabulous things to do here that you will really treasure forever.

If you are planning a trip to this city, here are some spots that you should include in your travel list:


In this place, you will feel being one with the sea as you will enjoy the clear waters and some fishing activities. Moreover, you can shop for shoes since this is also the footwear capital of the city.


If you are more interested on the remains of the past, you should go to this spot. Here you will see the fortress that stand tall during the war in Volda, .

Volda Church

This one is a big church that can occupy more than 800 people. You can see in this place some great masterpieces of Norwegian painters and sculptors.

Seier Statue

A very significant landmark in the city that reminds the residents and visitors of the essence of real victory.

Sunnmors Alps

If you want to have a taste of natural living, then set your spirit free in this spot, where you can witness the long-stretch of green slopes, perfect-shaped Alps, and the bountiful valleys.

Aside from visiting these hot spots, you can also do a lot of things in Volda, , such as fishing at the river, hunting, and playing golf. Indeed, there are more treasures in this city than you can ever think of.

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