Wadi al Salam

Tomb of Imam 400
Tomb of imam Ali bin abi taleb
Photo by: Arlo K. Abrahamson, Creative Commons

The Wadi al-Salam cemetery in the city of Najaf is one of the most popularly visited landmarks today. The city welcomes two million visitors from the neighboring Muslim countries every year. Because of this, many neighborhoods have now been converted into high-rise hotels, providing immediate accommodations, that is, as long as you don’t mind sleeping beside the cemeteries.

The popularity of the city can be credited to the tomb of imam Ali bin abi taleb, the fourth caliph and the first imam who is revered by so many in the Muslim faith. This is why the Wadi al-Salam cemetery has been a famous destination for devotees and even families who would like to have the distinction of being buried in the valley of peace.

The recent influx of people have persuaded the people of the city to make the necessary arrangements to be able to offer accommodations for the visitors who travel to the site from as far as Pakistan and India. You will know that you have arrived in Najaf as soon as you see large signs of different colors.

The Wadi al-Salam cemetery is one of those interesting destinations in Iraq to visit. If you have become weary of taking different day tours to ancient ruins, then head on to Najaf and experience history in the making by visiting the second largest cemetery in the whole world.

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