Waimea Bay

Calm Waimea Bay in the summer
Photo by: lhilyer_libr, Creative Commons

When a place like Waimea Bay gets immortalized in a song by iconic musicians like the Beach Boys did in “Surfin’ USA”, then you know that the aforementioned place is worth checking out. Surfers from all over the world troop to the shores of Waimea Bay to experience its legendary waves which can even reach up to towering heights of 30 feet and more. It’s no surprise why the Beach Boys included it in their hit song “Surfin’ USA” and why most of the popular surfing competitions are held here.

Winter time is when the big waves roll into the waters of Waimea Bay. Much of these waves are created by North Pacific winter storms and has played a significant role in the development of what is now known as big wave surfing. Even though better and superior quality waves are available elsewhere, Waimea Bay’s reputation continues to thrive within the surfing community.

But even if you’re not particularly inclined towards the surfing, Waimea Bay Beach Park is still a nice place to visit during your trip to Hawaii. The best time to visit the shores of Waimea Bay Beach Park is during the summer when the waters are calm enough for people to swim around in, including other water activities like snorkeling and fishing. Divers in particular enjoy “Jump Rock”, sometimes affectionately referred to as “da Big Rock” which is positioned perfectly within the bay. There are also rock climbers who showcase their skills on the cliffs and dry caves in the area. For people who are planning their family vacations, Waimea Bay has all kinds of facilities like picnic tables, showers, restrooms, and parking areas.

Visitors are however cautioned to obey all the signs and warnings around the beach as the strong rip currents of the bay can be sometimes too treacherous.

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