Waimea Canyon

Waimea 400
Waimea Canyon
Photo by: mnapoleon, Creative Commons

Waimea Canyon is located in Kauai, Hawaii and considered as the largest canyon in the Pacific region rivaled only in beauty by the Grand Canyon. It is even nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Waimea Canyon has an interesting geological history as it was created through the centuries from the volcanic eruptions, lava flows and erosions. Waimea Canyon is a natural wonder that is ten miles long and is 3,500 feet deep and is protected by the Kokee State Park of Hawaii.

If you plan to take a trip to Waimea Canyon, here is some useful information that can help during your vacation. Lodging is available for those who would like to stay for several days at the Hale Koa Cabin. There are also bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals and hotels that are available at Kauai if one prefers to stay near the city to enjoy the other things that the city has to offer. Do make sure to book early in order to get a good rate on your room. Check for discounts or promos in order to get better rates.

Hiking is one of the most common things to do when visiting the Waimea Canyon. There are several hiking trails that are made available to the adventurer visitor who would love to scale the beautiful and expansive Canyon. There are certain trails however that require a state permit before one is able to take them and majority of the trails lead up to the canyon which gives you a breathtaking view of the whole valley. The best time to view the valley would be in the early morning, so do get up early in order to get the full impact of your hiking.

Taking a trip to Waimea Canyon will definitely give the visitor a different take on the natural wonders. You will be able to appreciate the beauty of life and your surroundings.

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