Waitomo Caves

Waitomo Caves main
View of St Moritz
Photo by: Überraschungsbilder, Creative Commons

If you are fascinated with dark and damp tunnels with striking geological formations, you are definitely for a treat when you visit the Waitomo Caves. These are limestone caves that are considered one of the best tourist destinations of the North Island. Aside from its attractive biological formations, Waitomo Caves also offer adrenaline-pumping experience that will keep tourists coming back for more.

The Waitomo area has more than three hundred caves with three major caves – the Aranui, Ruakuri and the Glow-worm Cave. These magnificent caves have been luring visitors from all over the world for more than one hundred years. Waitomo Caves are the evidence to a period when certain parts of New Zealand lay beneath the sea.

Waitomo Caves are one of the best wonders of New Zealand and they celebrate the work of nature for over one hundred years. The explorers of this amazing beauty discovered hundreds of miles of glow-worms, labyrinthine caves, stalagmites, stalactites and various limestone formations.

Aside from the caves, you can extend your journey to Te Kuiti, located in the south of Waitomo, where you can enjoy horse-trekking, canoeing, fishing and jet boating. Furthermore, the Waikato region consists of rolling hills that are home for racehorse breeding, sheep and dairy farming and there are large areas of distant mountains in the region. Aside from its friendly environment, the region offers a wide variety of adventures and attractions.

Travelers have been lured to the fascinating beauty of the Waitomo Caves because of their magnificent network of limestone grottos and caves. The tour will take the tourists through the spectacular underground scenery.

The Aranui Cave offers spectacular high chambers and fantastic limestone formations as well as pink, pale brown and white shades of vast stalactites. The great adventure ends with a boat trip to the glistening glow-worms where the breathtaking display of light awaits the tourists.

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