Walt Disney World Resort

Disneyworld castle 400
The Castle at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida
Photo by: AshuGarg, Creative Commons

Not many people will miss the chance to go to Walt Disney World whenever they are in Orlando, Florida. One of the most famous visitor destinations for both children and adults alike, the Walt Disney World is a favorite place by just about anyone. And why not, when there are so many things to do and sights to see when at the resort. Below are some useful tips when planning a vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort for your family.

Book Early. We are talking about staying at the Walt Disney World Resort. Chances are they will always be full because of the many visitors and tour groups who want to be able to stay there and enjoy. Do log-on to their website and research on what vacation packages are available that will suit you and your family. By booking early, you are saved the stress of having to prepare for any last minute changes should anything go wrong.

Theme Parks Galore! Once inside the Walt Disney World Resort, one will surely have a hard time knowing which theme park to go to first. There’s the famous Epcot Center which is twice the size as Magic Kingdom and is divided into Future World and World Showcase. Everything in this theme park just screams advancement in technology, space age and the like. Another favorite theme park by visitors who visit Walt Disney World Resort is Magic Kingdom. Kids will love the classic backgrounds, the Disney characters who are roaming the area, ready to take a photo op with you and the magical rides that will make the adult wish he was a kid once again.

When going to the Walt Disney World Resort, do remember to take an extra set of clothes as you are surely bound to get wet at some of the water theme parks and do take your camera too so that you can capture all the fun moments you will surely have with your family and friends.

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