Wat Phra That Lampang Luang

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang 400

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang
Photo by: 7 july, Creative Commons

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is a famous temple located at the province of Lampang in Thailand. It is 18 kilometers southwest of the central Lampang. The ornaments in the structure date back to the time of the Princess Chama Devi (650 to 700 A.D.). The temple is significant to the Thai people because it is a place of refuge during the invasion of the Burmese. The fortress and thick walls served as their protection. In the temple are steps and stairs which will lead the visitor to entrances located in the north and east part. The balustrade at the entrance is the serpent Naga. This reflects the influences of Burmese art.

On the top of the hill is the center of the temple. It is surrounded by thick trees surrounded by a wall made of bronze with canopies made of copper. There is a hole in the barrier which, according to legend, is the evidence of a cannon ball that killed the Burmese general that led to their defeat. The Thais used this to navigate through the temple using the hidden drainage.

There is a chedi with shrines decorated with flower images. These flower images are visible on the facades and pillars of the structure.

Two Buddha’s depicted in the style of Chiang Mai is on the temple. These Buddha images serve as support to the roof. The altar is designed with emblems that hang on different poles. A small Buddha is rumored to have been carved from the same emerald piece as the popular Emerald Buddha in another attraction of the Wat Phra That Lampang Luang.

There is a museum in the area which protects artifacts and Buddha images made of gemstones. This museum also holds several treasures. When you visit Thailand, don’t forget to tour Lampang province to see the Wat Phra That Lampang Luang.

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