Water Island

Trunk Bay
Photo by: Rennett Stowe, Creative Commons

Nature tripping definitely comes to mind when you think about spending some time touring around various cities at the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are actually lots of places to choose from and each place has a unique personality that offers various activities, from enjoying the view, to engaging in water sports to simply walking about the areas, to looking at historical sights and grand architectural relics. One of the most sought after places at this US State is the Water Island.

In Water Island, U.S. Virgin Islands, you will have a grand time relaxing and trying to relieve yourself of all the stresses back home. This is perfect for people who are after a laid-back kind of vacation. The place is a small residential island and is the smallest of all four islands at the US Virgin Islands. It measures only 491.5 acres. The island has less than 200 residents, that is may be due to the fact that it has only been transferred to the local government in 1996.

A great trip at the island includes a lot of time spent on the beach. You may also want to indulge on fun activities like kayaking, fishing, boating, hiking, taking a bike tour or having drinks at the Honeymoon Bay. You must leave all your problems at home and just try to enjoy a slower pace of life at Water Island. You will surely have a great time in trying to experience life that is completely different from the city. This is a haven for those who have had enough of workload and pressure and want to have some time breathing in the beauty of nature.

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