French Friars Cathedral in Waterford
Photo by: Roomic Cube, Creative Commons

Waterford, as Ireland’s oldest city, has lured millions of visitors every year. Well why not? If you come to think of it, the city does not only pride of being the oldest, but it also offers several places of interests that tourists and locals alike are bound to enjoy.
What are those places of interest?
Here is a list of them.

1. The Waterford City Hall
In some places, a city hall is just a solid structure with nothing but walls and desks inside of them. But that premise does not apply in this particular hall. This is because the building itself is a magnificent work of art designed by a local Waterford architect named John Roberts during 18th century. Currently, this building does not only house government officials and workers but it also holds the city’s municipal art collection.
2. Dungarvan Museum (Waterford County Museum)
This local museum takes you back in time as it narrates the history of Dungarvan and Waterford from Ice Age to Georgian periods with the use of a huge collection of photographs. The numerous photographs are also backed up by artifacts that include anything from trophies, accessories, old cameras and coin collection.
3. Reginald’s Tower Museum
By being considered to be the oldest tower made of mortared stone in the entire Europe, Reginald’s Tower Museum has rightfully claimed to be the most popular landmark in the area. Since its construction on 1003 A.D. the castle has been utilized as a military fortress, a prison and even a shelter. Now, after centuries of rich military and political history, it became the venue of the city’s civic and maritime museum.
4. Dunmore East Beach
This should be your final stop if you have grown tired of all the hustle and bustle in the city. The golden sandy shores offer rest and relaxation to anyone who wants to spend a lazy afternoon at the beach. Just a warning though, the beach can be pretty crowded during summer, so if you plan to take your kids with you, make sure that you help the lifeguard by keeping your eyes on them.

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