Watkins Glen

One of the many parks in Watkins Glen
Photo by: Brian Adler, Creative Commons

Watkins Glen is best known for its racing tracks. If you are a racing enthusiast or just a curious one, then dropping by at the Watkins Glen International Speedway, more popularly dubbed as The Glen is going to be a fun experience. It has been the home of racing for years. Watkins Glen is also the home of International Motor Racing Research Center. With these, you can already picture how fun and exciting this village in New York is.

Aside from the thrill of experiencing Watkins Glen, you can also enjoy the serene parks in the village. One of the most recommended parks is the Watkins Glen State Park. You can camp there and enjoy with the whole family. You can bring your toddlers and let them freely roam around the area. The waterfall trail is also one of the majestic things you will get to see if you pay a visit to this State park. It is the best way to appreciate the real beauty of nature. One of the most famous is the Gorge Trail. Hiking has never been that easy and relaxing if you chose to hike in the place. Everything you will pass through, whether it’s beautiful tress or plants or the falls is going to be simply breathtaking.

Another place that you might want to visit is the Castel Grisch and enjoy the wine. Aside from the experience of getting to see and even taste good wines, the view is also another treat for visitors. The staffs from the different wineries are approachable and friendly too. Whether you are up for the wine or just for the view, the Castel Grisch of Watkins Glen is a good place to visit. Both you and your partner, along with a child will surely have fun there.

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