Wells Fargo Museum in Old Town San Diego

Inside a Wells Fargo Museum
Photo by: Marcin Wichary, Creative Commons

In Old Town San Diego, be prepared to travel back in time when you enter the San Diego’s Wells Fargo Museum. This museum is a re-imagining of an old Wells Fargo agent’s office. Wells Fargo is a bank which was established a long time ago, and this recreation acquaints the history of San Diego through the agent’s old work. The office is most often referred to as the Colorado House. A man named Cave Couts built the Colorado House was built in 1851 which was an important establishment at the time. This house has held a number of flourishing businesses such as a salon, inn and recreation center.

Nowadays, the Colorado House is now home of the Well Fargo museum which exhibits topics on how banking was done back in the day. You can also discover Wells Fargo’s most significant deposit – gold and gold dust!

Apart from banking, several interesting topics are also being presented such as how the mining industry has changed San Diego through the years. As a tourist, you will be amused to learn about how the travel industry has fared throughout the years. Back then, travel is only done on land. Discover the transport being used back in the 1800’s which is usually done by automobiles. The exhibit also features a stage coach by Abbot Downing Concord which was first used as early as 1867!

Not only that, the museum also has a gallery where you can discover various papers and files that marked San Diego history. Also, you can marvel at relics such as old coins used by San Diego natives. To add to the whole experience, you can also look at old photographs of the city and its inhabitants complete with old-fashioned dresses and styles of the time. Other items in exhibit are old telegraph machines, classic gold watch, an authentic painting of San Diego in 1885 and a lot more.

It is located at 2733 San Diego Avenue, San Diego, California. The museum is open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with free admission.

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