West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Evening Skyline
Photo by: Andyxox, Creative Commons

Dreaming of a perfect weekend getaway with your family – with sunny skies, strolling on the beach, and going around other outdoor sites for the kids? West Palm Beach, Florida is definitely the perfect choice!

While West Palm Beach is first and foremost an industrial and commercial center, there are also several outdoor and cultural attractions that everyone can enjoy. West Palm Beach can be found on the shores of Lake Worth.

Aside from the dazzling beaches, West Palm Beach has a host of other places that you can visit and have fun in.

If you love to see animals, there is the Palm Beach Zoo located at Dreher Park with more than 400 animals from Asia, Australia, and Central and South America. Kids will surely enjoy riding on the carousel featuring exotic and wild animals like tigers, sea dragons, jaguars, and a hummingbird. The zoo is open all-year round.

One of the popular attractions in the Palm Beach County is the Lion Country Safari where you can take your car to tour the entire facility. Both kids and adults will enjoy touring the natural habitats of lions, giraffes, elephants, African Chimps, even the endangered Southern White rhinoceros, and other wild animals.

West Palm Beach also has a dog track for dog races, the Palm Beach Kennel Club. It also has a large poker room if you want to play a round of poker. There is also a restaurant inside the facility. The facility is open all-year round.

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens located along Barcelona Road is actually the house of the famous sculptor and widow of industrialist Ralph Hubbard Norton, Ann Weaver Norton (1905-1982). The sculpture gardens features more than 100 pieces of Ann Norton’s works. The place also houses more a collection of more than 300 rare species of tropical palms.

If you want to see more artworks, you should visit the Norton Museum of Art in South Olive Avenue. The museum features the collection of Ralph Hubbard Norton. You will see the works of Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Georgia O’Keefe, and Edward Hopper among the 5,000 pieces of paintings and sculptures.

There is no other place like West Palm Beach where you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities as well as experiencing and knowing the arts! Plan a visit before going into the Christmas rush, you’ll never regret it!

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