Winnipeg, Canada
Photo by: gurdonark, Creative Commons

A place can be considered as a gem when you see its beauty because you’ve experienced it. Try considering Winnipeg, Canada on your wish lists of places to travel. For some background on the city; it is the 7th largest municipality in Canada with a population of 633,451 in 2006. It has a humid continental climate, characterized by a conflict of polar and tropical air masses. The diversity of the city comes from the mixtures of various cultures from other countries merged into one. Expect different colors and experiences when you visit various areas around the city.

What should you expect from this city? Some outdoor activities to enjoy are golf, water sports at the lakes and rivers, or a stroll along the parks and garden. You can also check out the buildings and structures throughout the city and be amazed by the beauty. You can also visit some museums for entertainment designed for kids that could also be educational.

• Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

• Exchange District Guided Walking Tour

• Ten Spa at Fort Garry Hotel

• Sir Hugh John Macdonald House Dalnavert

• Forks National Historic Site

• Winnipeg Art Gallery

• McPhillips Street Station Casino

Experience dining Winnipeg style and check the limitless options you will surely love and enjoy. A vacation will not be complete if you do not try something new. Some of the more popular restaurants are:

• Provence Bistro

• The Current

• Sydneys At The Forks

• Muddy Waters Smokehouse

When it comes to lodging, Winnipeg hotels offer a variety of options and price ranges.

• The Marlborough Hotel
• Fort Garry Hotel
• Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel

Or you may opt to stay at a Bed and Breakfast style hotel for a comfortable stay.

• L’Auberge Clemence Inn on the Prairie B&B and Tea House
• Oakdale B & B
• River Gate Inn
• Terry’s Bed and Breakfast

Try new things and be adventurous, who knows maybe you could see and experience a jewel hiding in Winnipeg, Canada.

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