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Morning commute
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Whether you have been transferred to a Tokyo branch or are thinking of relocating to work in Tokyo, being engulfed in the third largest economy in the world can evoke some sense of anxiety. Tokyo is not a sparkly destination like Hong Kong or as laid-back as Paris; this city is driven by energy and the dizzying bustle of crowds. With a population of over 12 million in metropolitan Tokyo, the city is a 24 hour economy that never rests.

Where to Start

In case you do not have a readily available opportunity waiting for you, it is advisable to have a sizeable bank account to keep you afloat as you seek work in Tokyo. Japan is a land of opportunity, but the economy can be unforgiving. The probability of landing a good prospect largely depends on business cards and connections. Before relocating, it is necessary to carry out research on the most opportune locations for housing and the cost of everyday living.


Tokyo’s population grows every day by the hundreds. Subsequently, congestion and a high cost of housing is the current reality. Although living in the surrounding boroughs incurs the cost of transportation, living in central Tokyo would force you to grapple with constant disarray and a fast-paced life that is the signature of Tokyo.


There is an impressive web of transportation lines within and around Tokyo’s central business districts. The city offers a subway, trains, buses and taxis. For Tokyo’s main financial district, for instance, the fast and efficient Yamanote railway line provides a convenient mode of transportation. If you are looking to work in Tokyo, the opportunities, amenities, culture, and lifestyle of this metropolis will definitely provide a worthwhile experience.

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