Wroclaw in Poland
Photo by: milkandmonsters, Creative Commons

As Krakow is now considered to be The New Prague, Wroclaw is now considered as The New Krakow. Wroclaw is Poland’s hidden gem that’s starting to be more exposed as time goes on. This is being shown by the growing number of tourists that continuously visit the city.

Learning about the city will prove to be very interesting. Its history will show that it had five names and has become part of at least four countries already. It was witness to the horrors of communism and fascism and went through the bitter experience of war where it was flattened to ruins by being victim to one of history’s most savage sieges. This will not be evident today because of the progress this country has experienced making it one of the most vibrant and engaging cities in Central Europe.

Today, Wroclaw is easily one of Poland’s highlights. With its skyline soaring with Gothic spires, its huge number of bridges that only three other cities in Poland can equal, the wonderfully twisting cobbled streets and canals that dominate the city and many other attractive spots that will delight any visitor who can appreciate quality can be found throughout the city.

Poland may have many fascinating cities but Wroclaw proves incomparable to many of them. Your visit in Poland will simply not be complete without going to Wroclaw. A guided tour will be very helpful in ensuring that you will be able to visit all of the city’s best attractions and learn about their history. The tour’s start will most likely be the Wroclaw City Walk going to the Lower Silesian capital. You will pass by Old Town where you can find the Town Hall Tower and the Aula Leopoldina Baroque hall, Wroclaw University’s ceremonial hall.

A lot of other places should not be missed like the Ostrow Tumski, the Panorama Raclawicka, the Mysterious Silesia, various castles in Ksiaz and Bolkow, a famous underground museum, the Churches of Peace, the churches in Jawor and Swidnica and many other famous spots that will surely give you a memorable experience. To learn more about them and to get a background on their histories, simply log on to various sites containing information about the cities in Poland.

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