Wudang Mountains and Its Ancient Building Complex

Wudang Mountain
View of Mount Wudang and Some of Its Building Complex
Photo from: alicereneztay Creative Commons

Wudang Mountains are situated in Hubei province of China, south of Shiyan. Mount Wudang is also known as Xuanyue and Taihe Mountains, which are famous for its attractive landscape and splendid appearance of ancient building complex. UNESCO has added this in The World Heritage List in 1994 for its tourist attraction rate.

Wudang Ancient Building Complex was constructed during the reign of Tang Dynasty by the emperor Taizaong during 618-907 A.D. and the five dragon Ancestral temple was constructed during the Ming dynasty rule during the 1368-1644 A.D period. The Ancient complex was formed by the construction of 33 palaces and grand luxurious structures like the Grand Purple Cloud Palace, The South Cliff Palace and Palace of Harmony. All these palaces and structures were still in existence with other additional complex structures like the Yuzhen Palace, Xuanyue Gate, the Fuzhen Temple and Yuxu Palace.

Harmony Palace is located on the Tianzhu Peak, it is self-possessed by the Golden Palace, Gutong Hall and the Forbidden City. Golden Palace was constructed using bronze with a height of 13 feet and 10 feet wide. The Golden Palace is known and praised widely for its extravagant beauty. There is a statue of Emperor Zhenwu which is placed in the area of religious devotion with a golden boy and girl in the hall of the Golden Palace weighing around ten tons. The area of the shrine is hung with a flat plate which is ornamented for mounting with four Chinese characters: ‘Xiang’ ,’ Miao’ ,’Jin’ and ‘Guang’. As time go by, the Harmony Palace still represents its enchantment and the state of quality .

The Grand Purple Cloud Palace is located below Zhanqi Peak. This palace looks most splendid in appearance and kept in perfect unaltered condition on Mount Wudang. The Taoist building covers an area of about 6,850 square meters and it is comprised of the Stele Pavilion, Dragon and Tiger Hall, The Parents Hall, Shifang Hall and other buildings. This palace was constructed with depicting wooden structures, glazed tiles and roofs are carved with yellow and blue colors. The entrance hall of this palace was decorated with the statue of Emperor Jade during the Ming Dynasty .

Below the Duyang Cliff is where the South Cliff Palace is located at, which comprised of the Two Bearings Hall, Tianyi Zhenqinh Hall, The South Heaven Gate, The Flying Cliff and The Eight Diagrams Pavilion. South Cliff Palace was constructed during the Yuan Dynasty in the 1271-1368 A.D. period and it is well famous for its stone carvings on the wall and pillars. The South Cliff Palace resembles the finest art of stone carvings.

The Yuzhen Palace, Xuanyue Gate, Fuzhen Temple and Yuxu Palace are also the most spectacular buildings on Mount Wudang to watch. These buildings are simple, comprised of many sculptures, sutras, offerings and wide variety of inscriptions. The mountains has very vast landscape comprising of 72 strange peaks, 24 powerful streams, 36 solid rocks, 11 caves, 3 ponds and 9 springs and its landscape is worthy to watch at any time during the year.

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