Yalta under a mountain range
Photo by: MeRyan, Creative Commons

Yalta is called the Jewel of the Crimean and this should be one of your travel destinations for this year. You will be amazed at the vast land it has even though it has a small population of around 80 thousand inhabitants. This is a destination for tourists since it attracts them to visit several places like museums and botanical gardens.

Did you know that their botanical gardens have at least 2000 varieties of roses? It does bloom well in this cool weather so better pack some heavy clothes since the temperature here dips quite low during the winter. Aside from these flowers, you can also visit a castle that is erected on the edge of a cliff that overlooks the sea. This was built by an architect who lives in the United States of America. So just from this, you would know the first-class appearance that it has.

After going to these landmarks and attractions, don’t forget a ferryboat ride to the popular resorts in Yalta. Even though there are no airports to transport you directly to this place, Yalta could be reach through water which is their means of transportation. During your transfer from one place to another, you can marvel at the different orchards and vineyards that are also accessible by land. Cars are allowed to travel here so it would be best to secure a car that you can rent once you have reached the city of Yalta.

One thing to take note of is their electricity. They use 220 volts for their outlets. So better keep this in mind should you lug along your trusted hairdryer or anything that needs to be plugged. You may want to get an adapter or converter.

The weather in Yalta ranges from winter and summer, should you plan to visit it in cold months, do pack heavy clothes but unlike in the US where you should pack around 4 bags, you can travel lightly here. Just keep in mind that the clothes you should bring could be mixed and matched so you won’t have a hard time re-arranging your wardrobe.

When you travel to Yalta you are supposed to bring small gifts as tokens of appreciation for a nice stay. Just keep them simple yet worth remembering you by.

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