Yamashita Park

Yamashita Park on a clear day
Photo by: Aimaimyi, Creative Commons

When people visit Japan, it is mostly on business but there is much more to do. If you are able to visit Yokohama, which incidentally is Japan’s largest incorporated city and a business hub, you should not miss Yamashita Park. It rests lackadaisically on a 750 meter stretch along the Yokohama Bay. Why should this park bear any interest to a visitor?

As a start, there is no better place to relax than by the waterside and Yamashita Park definitely adds more allure to the bay. With almost a kilometer of space to walk, gardens to savor and a great boulevard to experience, this is an idyllic getaway from the ever busy city especially after a tiring day in a meeting or in between business engagements.


More interestingly, you will experience the history of Yokohama right within the park as you learn about its origins from the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. You will also find different monuments and statues such as the Water Guardian dedicated to different personalities and erected in varying designs.

The ethereal nature of Yamashita Park is made complete by the magnificent view of the sea and in the distance you can view the majestically standing ocean liner Hiwaku Maru moored on the pier. This stands as a symbol of the city’s resilience and deeply entrenched history.

It also features different designs in d├ęcor and informative displays from which will wow any visitor. This park has everything for everyone from the mum who wants to enjoy the breeze while pushing her kid’s pram or a business executive who wants to see the illumination of the city as the sun goes down.


Yamashita Park is just a few minutes walk from the nearest station; Motomachi-Chukagai or you can even walk up to it from Chinatown. It can also be accessed by bus or even sea bass boats departing from Bay Quarter. So, why not get out of your hotel room and see a part of Japan’s rich heritage standing just a few minutes down the block?

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