Yogyakartaq Rice Padis
Photo by: bob|P-&-S, Creative Commons

Yogyakarta is a well preserved tourist destination famous for its Javanese style structures. It is part of the Java islands and various temples still stood up firm until today. In the present times, it is the center of Javanese arts, cultures, plays, puppets and crafts. Tourists oftentimes visit the place in order to experience the ancient Javanese culture preserved here. Moreover, the following are the most visited tourist destinations in Yogyakarta:

• Kreton Complex
This is the resident complex designed for ruling sultans of Yogyakarta. Various palaces, quarters for the sultan’s servants and mosques can be found here. Some of the structures are built hundreds of years before and you can appreciate the history behind it upon visiting these structures.

• Borbodur Temple
This is a very old temple built around 8th century by Buddhist monks. It is a World Heritage Site granted by UNESCO as this old temple has breathtaking structures. Up to the top, Buddha statues stand still along with the stupas.

• Bromo
It is a national park accentuated with a volcano-like landscape. Its magnificent beauty is all natural and it attracts a lot of tourists per year.

• Prambanan Temple Complex
It is an ancient temple built around 9th century and considered to be the largest one in Java. The temple complex has three temples, each honoring three Hindu Gods: Brahms, Shiva and Vishnu. The walls of the temples are engraved with colorful images, showcasing the Ramayana tales.

• Wayang Kulit Shows
Indonesia has been popular for shadow puppet shows which are termed as Wayang Kulit. You can watch it authentically at a place where it has started; at Yogyakarta. The puppet shows here are made traditionally, the way it is presented in the early times. Thus, you can appreciate Javanese culture more intimately.

Visiting the mentioned destinations in Yogyakarta will travel you back in the early traditions of Javanese people. Along with the tour, don’t forget to take some souvenirs like Wayang Kulit puppets, batik arts and Javanese crafted items. Appreciating the ancient culture of Javanese people is possible upon visiting Yogyakarta, so take time in touring around the place!

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